LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty Day 2

LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty Day 2

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

DAY 3 begins 11:30am AEST

Justin Chu leading – and that’s a wrap!

Play has completed one final hand before finishing this level as our top two will bag and tag, returning tomorrow for Day 3 at 11:30am AEST.

Kevin Lee completed the blinds as they went to the flop 7♥10♦4♦. Chu check-called Lee for 375,000, then on the K♥ turn, check-called Lee for 1.15M. On the river K♠, Chu led a bet of 1.5M, before folding after Lee raised a heavier 3.5M.

This concludes play for today as Chu and Lee have bagged up. With their counts close to even, it poses the question who will be our winner when play resumes tomorrow?

Justin Chu13,150,000Kevin Lee10,675,000

Be sure to join us again as we bring you our continued Live Reporting coverage, but until then, from all of us here at PokerMedia Australia, it’s ‘bye for now!

Lee going off!

Kevin Lee is applying more pressure, after raising on the button to 500,000 and Justin Chu called.

The flop J♣4♠10♦ saw Chu check-call Lee for 375,000 to the 8♥ turn, with both players checked.

On the river K♥, Chu bet 500,000, then tank-called Lee’s raise to 1.475M.

Kevin Lee showed K♣8♠, prompting Lee to muck.

Justin Chu13,625,000Kevin Lee10,200,000

Kevin Lee

Frothin’ up top

With just two bounties left, there is still an extra $16,400 total waiting to be claimed by our winner, increasing the first prize value to a six-figure pay of $106,362, not including any previously won bounties. Cowabunga!

Justin Chu and Kevin Lee are making the most of their extra time, trying to play for a winner tonight, with Justin Chu making the first move shoving on the button.

Lee snap-called, turning up A♠10♣ against Chu’s K♦10♦, but couldn’t find a diamond on the run of 6♣6♠4♣A♣K♥ as Lee scooped two pair for the win, scoring a decent double up.

Justin Chu14,825,000Kevin Lee9,000,000

Justin Chu.

Level 32: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)

Point Break

L-R: Kevin Lee, Justin Chu

Play has now been paused at heads up for a quick 5 minute break, and staff have indicated to the top two, Justin Chu and Kevin Lee, to play on for one more level. Just one wave, just one wave before they take them in!

After the last round of eliminations, Chu pulled three bounty tokens, peeling the stickers to reveal:

BOUNTY: $400

2x BIG BOUNTY: $7,000!

Another $14,400 in the bank for Chu. Cha-ching!

Lee also pulled a bounty, peeling back to see:

BIG BOUNTY: $1,300!

A quick look at the chip counts of our top two shows the balance of power heavily in Chu’s favour, with his stack holding almost 80% of the chips in play:

SeatNameCountryChips3Justin ChuAustralia17,800,0004Kevin LeeAustralia5,250,000

Geoffrey Mooney eliminated in 3rd place ($40,555)

Not long after the double eliminations of Jason Sampson and Jarrod Thatcher, Geoffrey Mooney joined them on the rail.

Justin Chu raised on the button to 400,000, and Mooney shoved all in from the small blind, snapped up by Chu.

Mooney showed J♥10♠, which ran smack-bang into Chu’s cowboys K♦K♠, and failed to surface from under the waves through a runout 6♣5♦6♦J♣2♣.

Play is now heads up!

Justin Chu17,800,000Geoffrey MooneyWIPEOUT!

Geoffrey Mooney.

Jason Sampson eliminated in 5th place ($22,286); Jarrod Thatcher eliminated in 4th place ($29,036)

Play is now moving along very quickly with the double eliminations at the hand of Justin Chu, after Sampson went all in, Jarrod Thatcher called short on the button and was snapped off by Chu.

Chu: A♦A♥
Sampson: K♣K♦
Thatcher: A♣J♦

It was a clean run for Chu through 8♥10♥J♥7♣5♦, as he took down the pot and chipped up, with Thatcher covering Sampson with enough chips for the higher finish.

Justin Chu8,670,000Jason SampsonWIPEOUT!Jarrod ThatcherWIPEOUT!

Jason Sampson

Jarrod Thatcher

Liem Tran eliminated in 6th place ($18,278)

After topping the final table at his peak of 11.22M in chips, Liem Tran has been tossed into the sea foam after sending the last of his 1.6M into the middle, called off by Kevin Lee on his direct left in blind-vs-blind action.

Lee showed A♠4♥ whilst Tran was trailing with 7♠5♥. Tran was hitting dead air as Lee raced down Q♦10♥3♣9♥A♣, with the river sealing up the win for Lee with top pair.

Kevin Lee3,750,000Liem TranWIPEOUT!

Liem Tran


Tournament staff have advised that due to time constraints of the “12 hour play” legal rule in effect, after this level play will be stopped and chips bagged up for a return tomorrow.

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Chu carving

Jarrod Thatcher opened preflop to 325,000, finding two callers in Liem Tran and Justin Chu.

On the A♥5♥5♦ flop, all three checked to the J♠ turn.

Thatcher bet 200,000, Tran folded as Justin Chu went all in for 2.275M. Thatcher called, flipping up A♣J♥, against Chu’s 5♠8♣.

The board offered something for both players, with top two pair for Thatcher, but Chu hit a set which filled up to a boat on the river of A♥5♥5♦J♠8♠.

Justin Chu5,650,000Jarrod Thatcher2,850,000

Shootin’ the Curls

A couple of double ups on our table as play has moved in level 30, with some big swings in stacks.

Jason Sampson doubled through Kevin Lee, after his A♠10♣ held against Lee’s A♦9♠ on an Ace-high rainbow board, Q♠5♠A♥7♥2♣.

Jarrod Thatcher also found a double through Liem Tran, going all in on the big blind after Tran opened UTG.

Tran turned over K♣Q♦, but couldn’t shake off Thatcher’s pocket 7♣7♥ which got through the wave on 5♣9♦5♦8♠3♥.

Jarrod Thatcher5,200,000Jason Sampson3,200,000Kevin Lee2,300,000Liem Tran2,400,000

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Breezy waves

The action on our final table has slowed down considerably as chip stacks are evening up amongst our field.

Justin Chu opened from the Hijack to 250,000, and Geoffrey Mooney shoved all in pre on the button for 1,975,000. Liem Tran asked the dealer for a count, thinking it over in the tank before making the call, as Chu folded to get out of the way.

Tran: 8♣8♥
Mooney: J♦J♥

Both players hit a set on the spread of 4♦K♣J♠6♥8♦, with Mooney’s higher set raking in the pot for a timely double up off Tran.

Liem Tran4,360,000Geoffrey Mooney4,025,000

Updated Counts

We have an update on the chip counts for our remaining 6 players after the break. Liem Tran, Kevin Lee and Jarrod Thatcher lead the top 3, with between 32BBs to 51BBs.

SeatNameCountryChips3Liem TranAustralia6,460,0004Kevin LeeAustralia4,675,0005Jason SampsonAustralia2,750,0007Justin ChuAustralia1,750,0008Geoffrey MooneyAustralia2,650,0009Jarrod ThatcherAustralia4,075,000

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)


Our players are taking a quick 15 minute break, we’ll be right back with an update on the chip counts.

Doubles curling through

Justin Chu has doubled up through Jason Sampson, after his pocket 7♣7♥ held against Sampson’s A♦J♦, improving to a straight on the board of 5♥K♥6♥8♦9♠ and boosting his chips to stay in the game.

Geoffrey Mooney found a double through Liem Tran, after his 6♦5♦ suited connectors rivered a pair on the J♠7♣8♠8♥5♥ spread against Tran’s A♦Q♥.

Kevin Lee also doubled up, taking further chips off Jason Sampson after his all in was called, and his A♥9♣ hit on the turn through 2♠J♠8♦9♦4♣, against Sampson’s A♠K♠.

Liem Tran6,750,000Kevin Lee4,675,000Justin Chu3,400,000Jason Sampson2,750,000Geoffrey Mooney2,700,000

Sampson v Chipleader

Jason Sampson opened preflop UTG+1, called by Liem Tran in the big blind. On the flop 2♣3♥K♥, Tran called out a bet from Sampson, then called on the 10♠ turn as Sampson led out a bet again.

On the 4♣ river, Sampson pushed most of his stack into the middle, called again by Tran.

Sampson turned over A♦A♠ for the winning hand, as Tran mucked.

Liem Tran8,150,000Jason Sampson5,350,000

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Paul Lombardi eliminated in 8th place ($11,995); Steven Burgess eliminated in 7th place ($15,042)

A massive three-way action unfolded after Liem Tran opened under the gun to 225,000, Paul Lombardi went all in, then Steven Burgess ripped all in on top by about 5 million from the big blind.

Liem Tran snapped, turning up A♣A♥.

Burgess was not too far behind with Q♣Q♠, although Lombardi was almost drawing dead with A♦J♣, but Tran held as the board ran out K♠2♠K♥7♣9♣, successfully delivering a double knockout to emerge as the monster chip leader.

Liem Tran11,220,000Paul LombardiWIPEOUT!Steven BurgessWIPEOUT!

Paul Lombardi

Steven Burgess

Thatcher rides the tube

Jarrod Thatcher opened UTG+1, Steven Burgess 3-bet from middle position before tank-calling Thatcher’s all in.

Burgess: 8♣8♠
Thatcher: A♣3♣

The board gave Thatcher the top pair on the first window, completing A♥K♦9♥7♥J♠.

Steven Burgess4,725,000Jarrod Thatcher4,300,000

Andrew McLaren eliminated in 9th place ($8,996)

Our final table seats were barely warm when Andrew McLaren went all in pre, called off by Liem Tran.

McLaren: A♥9♠
Tran: J♣J♠

The board ran dry 7♥4♦10♠K♥2♥, allowing Tran to hold out and take down the pot.

Tran then pulled a surfboard bounty token, revealing:

BOUNTY: $400!

Liem Tran4,900,000Andrew McLarenWIPEOUT!

Andrew McLaren

WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty final table

Our final table nine have taken to their seats.

2023 WPT Prime Mystery Bounty – final table

SeatNameCountryChips1Steven BurgessAustralia6,535,0002Andrew McLarenAustralia1,615,0003Liem (Jimmy) TranAustralia3,455,0004Kevin LeeAustralia3,260,0005Jason SampsonAustralia1,815,0006Paul LombardiAustralia1,640,0007Justin ChuAustralia1,800,0008Geoffrey MooneyAustralia1,440,0009Jarrod ThatcherAustralia2,350,000

Remaining Payouts:


Gnarly bubble

Thomas Karadimos has been eliminated as our bubble for the final table has burst.

Karadimos went all in pre with 8♥6♣ as the short stack, easily snapped up by the chipleader Steven Burgess.

Burgess flipped over J♠10♦ and hit the third window on the 5♥7♠10♣ flop for the top pair, although it also teased Karadimos with the prospect of a straight draw.

The 10♠ turn and 10♥ gave Burgess the quads for a resounding win, dumping Karadimos ashore.

Steven Burgess6,535,000Thomas KaradimosWIPEOUT!

Mo Money for Mooney

Mooney has doubled up through Steven Burgess, after ripping all in pre with A♥Q♠, snapped up by Burgess’s K♣8♦.

Mooney flopped a pair which improved to two pair on the turn, holding through Q♦J♠4♥A♠5♠ to steal a pot off Burgess, who is still running hot as the chipleader.

Steven Burgess4,230,000Geoffrey Mooney1,440,000

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Perry pitted

Bert Perry pushed his stack into the middle, finding only one caller in Liem Tran as they turned over their cards for the heads up.

Tran was ahead with A♥4♥, Perry trying to find something with K♠9♥. Tran hit a bottom pair on the Q♥7♦4♣ flop, which was enough to hold as Perry bricked out on the 10♥ turn and 8♣ river.

Not long after, Reagan Samoa joined Perry on the rail after going all in pre with pockets 8♣8♦, and couldn’t hold against Andrew McLaren’s Q♣9♣ which connected a 9 on the flop to pair up and held on the board.

McLaren then claimed a mystery bounty, taking off the sticker to reveal:

BIG BOUNTY: $2,600

We are now on the bubble for the final table, with 10 players remaining to battle it out for a top prixe of $89,962, with the top remaining bounty of $16,700 to be claimed.

Andrew McLaren2,100,000Liem Tran1,600,000Bert PerryWIPEOUT!Reagan SamoaWIPEOUT!

Karadimos drops in

Simon Thwaites went all in preflop as the short stack, with pocket 5♣5♠, snapped up by Karadimos’ 10♠9♦.

Karadimos paired on the flop and Thwaites tumbled out as he couldn’t find a set through 3♣6♦9♥Q♠2♠.

Thomas Karadimos2,200,000Simon ThwaitesWIPEOUT!

No Yew for Yu

Yu Chen went all in pre from the Hijack with 7♦7♠, snapped up by Paul Lombardi from middle position holding A♦K♠.

Chen’s pockets barely held on the flop, before Lombardi hit top pair and held on 4♦8♠9♥K♥3♠.

Paul Lombardi1,700,000Yu ChenWIPEOUT!

Hang eleven (BBs)

Liem Tran has taken a big change of chips off Bert Perry for a double up, after calling Perry’s jam on the button.

Perry was holding A♥J♣ as Tran turned over pockets 8♣8♦, which held out on the 5♣4♥3♥7♠9♥ board, leaving Perry hanging with a little over 11BB.

Liem Tran2,800,000Bert Perry700,000

Updated Counts

We have an update on the chip counts for our remaining field of 14 players after the break:

NameChipsSteven Burgess3,870,000Justin Chu3,425,000Kevin Lee2,920,000Bert Perry2,080,000Jason Sampson2,065,000Yu Chen1,550,000Paul Lombardi1,455,000Liem Tran1,425,000Simon Thwaites1,150,000Geoffrey Mooney1,095,000Andrew McLaren845,000Thomas Karadimos735,000Jarrod Thatcher705,000Reagan Samoa635,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)


Our remaining 14 players are now on a 10-minute break.

Lee lines up

Colin Denby went all in heads up holding A♣6♠ against Kevin Lee’s J♥10♣, getting churned out on the run out of 2♠3♦10♦5♣8♦.

Mason Trevanion also got the last of his stack all in pre, his 8♦8♥ unable to hold out against Jason Sampson’s A♠3♥ which connected two pair on J♣A♥Q♣Q♠4♦, sending Trevanion to the rail.

Kevin Lee2,650,000Jason Sampson2,300,000Colin DenbyWIPEOUT!Mason TrevanionWIPEOUT!

Chu riding high

Justin Chu has taken down out Fletcher Smith, calling with after Smith went all in from the Hijack with A♣J♥.

Chu rolled up 9♦9♥, which hit a set on the flop against Smith’s top pair, and smashed through 6♣J♠9♠7♦8♦.

It was a massive chip up for Chu with a pot well over 1 million, moving him to the top of the ladder with just under 4 million in chips, neck and neck with Steven Burgess.

Chu rocked up to the Tiki Hut to claim his Mystery Bounty, peeling back a sticker on a surfboard token revealing:

BIG BOUNTY: $7,600!

Justin Chu3,900,000Fletcher SmithWIPEOUT!

Big Blue Crush

Yu Chen doubled up off Mooney, after jamming from late positions with A♦10♠ to hold against Mooney’s A♠8♦ through a spread of K♣6♦K♥7♠5♣, moving Chen back up over the half million mark.

Meerwais Hussaini got the last of his chips in with 9♣9♠, called for the heads up by Steven Burgess with 3♦3♥.

The flop 5♣7♠6♦ offered both players a straight draw, which connected for Burgess as a straight to the seven on the 4♦ turn, and Hussaini bricked out for the higher straight on the K♠ river.

Burgess is still running as our top chipleader in the field with almost 4 million in chips.

Steven Burgess3,750,000Yu Chen620,000Geoffrey Mooney425,000Meerwais HussainiWIPEOUT!

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

No Shaka for Sheng

Sheng Ye moved all in preflop from the button with A♦A♥, snapped up by Thomas Karadimos with K♠Q♥.

Karadimos was drawing the straight on the flop which connected on the turn and held through 9♥J♦10♦8♥6♥, eliminating Ye.

Jarrod Thatcher has accrued more chips after busting Les Whiteside, who shoved all in with 3♣3♦. Whiteside briefly held the lead over Thatcher’s 10♦2♥, which then quickly paired on the flop and held on 9♥10♥4♠J♦6♥.

Our field has now broken to two tables.

Thomas Karadimos1,450,000Jarrod Thatcher 1,025,000Les WhitesideWIPEOUT!Sheng YeWIPEOUT!

Segers under the sea

Jarrod Thatcher has found a double through Fletcher Smith, after jamming all in with 8♣8♦, holding off Smith’s A♣J♥ to run cleanly through 6♥2♣4♣5♠4♦.

Kristof Segers has been tumbled out after a brutal river card heads up with Kevin Lee. Segers’ 5♣5♠ started off behind Lee’s 10♥10♠, but flopped a dream full house on 7♣7♥5♥.

The dream quickly turned into a nightmare as the 7♦ swept away the lead to Lee for a higher full house Tens full of Sevens, and Segers couldn’t find an outter on the 6♦ river.

Kevin Lee1,310,000Fletcher Smith1,105,000Jarrod Thatcher900,000Kristof SegersWIPEOUT!

No mushburgers for Burgess

Luke Martinelli put the last of his chips into the middle from the cutoff, snapped up by Steven Burgess in the blinds.

Martinelli rolled over 5♣5♠, holding ahead of Burgess preflop with A♦Q♥. Burgess quickly connected on the flop to hold and wipeout Martinelli through a run of 3♥A♣K♥3♠9♣.

It was a massive pot with well over half a million, giving Burgess a big chip lead to ride out even bigger waves.

Steven Burgess3,380,000Luke MartinelliWIPEOUT!

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Mooney tides up and down

Geoffrey Mooney eliminated Cam Adams after they went all-in and heads up to a spread of 4♣8♥K♥4♦2♦.

Mooney’s K♠J♥ had him beat, with his 7♥6♥ suited connectors unable to find a flush or straight after drawing both on the flop.

Colin Denby managed to double up off Mooney in the next hand after shoving all in with Q♥9♥. He paired up on the flop and improved to trips through 6♦Q♣4♥Q♦A♠, with Mooney’s J♦J♥ beat.

Geoffrey Mooney1,230,000Colin Denby1,020,000Cam AdamsWIPEOUT!

Big Swells forming

Mason Trevanion has moved up past the average stack to 1 Million neat in chips after eliminating Charlie Hawes, after his A♥8♣ found two pair against Hawes’ K♦6♣ on 6♦8♦4♥A♣Q♦.

Trent Paul won’t be back to surf another wave, getting dumped after shoving all in with A♦J♥. He was called off by Paul Lombardi’s Q♣Q♠ which improved to a Queen-high flush on the runout of 4♣10♣3♠5♣8♣.

Simon Twaites has scored another double up off Kristof Segers, moving within a whisker of the 2 Million chips mark.

Twaites faced off Segers’ K♦K♠ in an uber-cooler heads up showdown with A♣A♦, with Thwaites hitting a set on the flop to ride out 7♦3♣A♠6♥5♣ and leave Segers with 6BB left.

Simon Thwaites1,950,000Paul Lombardi1,535,000Mason Trevanion1,000,000Kristof Segers180,000Charlie HawesWIPEOUT!Trent PaulWIPEOUT!

Egan and CC left at sea

C.C Piccione has been eliminated after going all in with A♥9♥, but was pipped at the heads up by Trent Paul’s A♣10♠, which held through a spread of 3♣5♣A♠K♥K♣.

Michael Egan’s stack suffered a major hit after going all in pre, reduced to 10,000 as he lost J♣J♥ against an opponent’s A♣J♦ which hit top pair on the board Q♥A♥3♦4♥7♠.

He went all in on the next hand, his J♥7♣ no good against Luke Martinelli whose K♣4♠ had him beat on the board Q♣K♦9♥6♣J♣.

Luke Martinelli1,200,000Trent Paul810,000Michael EganWIPEOUT!C.C. PiccioneWIPEOUT!

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)


Our remaining 27 players are now on a 30-minute break.

Calm waters

Action has slowed down considerably towards the late end of this break, with no eliminations, but a few chip ups for players.

On one table, action opened to 130,000, with two callers and Thomas Karadimos all in short for 45,000. Four players went to the flop 2♥8♥5♣.

Two players check-folded to an all-in on top from Simon Thwaites who went heads up with Karadimos who turned over 7♦6♥, against Thwaites’ K♥K♠.

Karadimos was visibly relieved as the dealer spread 2♥8♥5♣3♣4♠ for the rivered straight, giving him a triple up as the side pot was awarded to Thwaites.

Luke Martinelli also found a triple up after defending against two players who both held red Ace-King offsuits, when his A♠Q♠ hit on the flop and held through J♣Q♦6♣4♥6♦.

Luke Martinelli1,100,000Simon Thwaites750,000Thomas Karadimos175,000

Chu chews another

There is no stopping Chu who is on a roll after eliminating another player, this time in the form of Ali Ghezelbesh.

Ghezelbash moved all in, putting his stack where his mouth is with A♦10♣, charging in front of Chu who called him with A♥8♠.

Ghezelbash secured top pair on the flop, but was quickly pulled under the waves as Chu hit a runner-runner straight on 4♥10♠6♠7♣5♣.

Our field has now broken down to three tables with 27 players remaining.

Justin Chu2,415,000Ali GhezelbashWIPEOUT!

Justin Chu.

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Here’s lookin at Chu

Justin Chu is ready for the big swells after eliminating Dylan Wayne to move closer in chips to the 2 Million mark.

Wayne went all in preflop on the button with K♥10♥, called off by Chu in late position with A♥10♦.

Neither hit on the board 7♣Q♠3♠5♠9♦, with Wayne washed ashore.

Justin Chu1,800,000Dylan WayneWIPEOUT!

Sandaev hits the sands

Joe Sandaev has been eliminated by Bert Perry after moving the last of his short stack all in with A♥J♣. Perry snapped him off from the button with 9♥7♥.

The board ran dry 3♦3♥K♦5♦, and looked set to give Sandaev the double until the Perry came in front on the river 7♦ to steal with two pair.

Steven Burgess also eliminated Paul Murray, after Murray shoved all in with K♦J♦ and Burgess called him off with A♠8♥. Murray paired up on the flop, but the turn gave Burgess a straight as it ran 10♥J♣7♥9♣4♠.

Tino Lechich also joined Paul Murray and Joe Sandaev on the rail.

Steven Burgess2,000,000Bert Perry1,500,000Tino LechichWIPEOUT!Paul MurrayWIPEOUT!Joe SandaevWIPEOUT!

Bert Perry.

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Gilbert fed to the Gulls

A threeway all-in call erupted over on one table as Cam Adams went to showdown with Jason Gilbert and C.C. Piccione:

Gilbert: 7♣7♦
Adams: A♥3♥
Piccione: A♦K♣

Board: Q♥5♥K♥4♦6♠

Piccione’s Ace-Kings took down the main pot, with Cam Adam’s flopped Ace-high flush raking in the side pot, eliminating Gilbert.

Cam Adams720,000C.C. Piccione210,000Jason GilbertWIPEOUT!

Bounty for Burgess

Steven Burgess is running hot at the top of the leaderboard, after snapping up and eliminating Mark Montague who shoved all in with A♦K♣.

Montague was ahead of Burgess’ J♦10♦ on the flop of A♠Q♦4♦, but the flush draw loomed dangerously close, and completed on the 2♦ turn, leaving Montague floating dead on the 4♠ river.

Burgess then went to collect his mystery bounty, removing a sticker on a surfboard token:

BOUNTY: $9,000!

Yita Choong has now also joined Montague on the rail.

Steven Burgess1,490,000Yita ChoongWIPEOUT!Mark MontagueWIPEOUT!

Chu churns one out

Justin Chu has eliminated Jessy Song to snatch the running crown of chipleader, after Song went all in with A♠9♥.

Chu snapped a call with K♣J♠, pairing up early on the flop to take the pot over 3♠K♠Q♦4♣3♦.

Mishel Anunu, Paul Whiteman, Fan Zhang have also been sent to the rail.

Justin Chu1,450,000Mishel AnunuWIPEOUT!Jessy SongWIPEOUT!Paul WhitemanWIPEOUT!Fan ZhangWIPEOUT!

Updated Counts

After frenetic action with many eliminations, we bring you an update on where our field is sitting, with a quick list of the top 10 chip leaders:

NameChipsJason Sampson1,438,000Justin Chu1,219,000Fletcher Smith1,185,000Reagan Samoa1,018,000Kristof Segers836,000Simon Thwaites830,000J.P. Rounce825,000Jarrod Thatcher805,000Geoffrey Mooney800,000Daniel Orecchio765,000

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)


Our remaining 47 players are now on a 10-minute break.

Lei’d out

Yang Lei, the reigning WPT Prime Main Event champion, has been eliminated by Michael Egan, after jamming all in with A♦9♠ and Egan called heads up with 10♣10♥.

The 8♠10♠6♥ flop probably wasn’t what Lei had in mind, and although he had a straight draw, it wasn’t to be as the Q♠ turn and 9♥ dumped him out of contention.

Rob Bean, Amin Chehade and Robert Spano have also been wiped out, as our field now sits on 47 players remaining.

Michael Egan580,000Rob BeanWIPEOUT!Amin ChehadeWIPEOUT!Robert SpanoWIPEOUT!Yang LeiWIPEOUT!

Here we go Egan!

Daniel Orecchio has tossed another player from the big waves, this time Kenneth Marcum who went all in from the button. Orecchio snapped him up with 10♠8♥, shortly behind Marcum’s 10♦9♣, but the tide quickly turned on the flop 8♣7♥2♦, and held out on the A♥ turn and 5♠ river.

Robyn Bognar, Benedikt Eberle, Jian Long and Qi Xu have also been wiped out.

Robyn BognarWIPEOUT!Benedikt EberleWIPEOUT!Kenneth MarcumWIPEOUT!Jian LongWIPEOUT!Qi XuWIPEOUT!

Big KahunAA!

Jason Gilbert has delivered a double knock out to Luke McCredie and Simon Chahine after coming out firing with A♣A♦, with McCredie holding A♠10♦ and Chahine further behind with Q♠10♠.

Gilbert held up top as he flopped a set, improving to a boat (jetski boat?) on the river. Gilbert rode even higher as he picked out a surfboard bounty token, revealing:


A big cheer erupted in the room to congratulate Gilbert for scooping the top Mystery Bounty prize.

Jason Gilbert.

Jason Gilbert375,000Luke McCredieWIPEOUT!Simon ChahineWIPEOUT!

Rip tide ahead

Sherif Derias went all in pre flop for his last 92,000 chips, with J♥J♠, ahead of Luke Martinelli who snapped with A♣Q♠.

Martinelli hit the board early and Derias tumbled out on Q♣3♣A♥3♠8♣.

Next to hit the rail was Yann Del Rey after Robyn Bognar’s A♠10♠ held out against his A♣5♥ which failed to hit on a dry board.

Not long after, Jeison Berdugo joined the rail as his A♥J♦ couldn’t pair up against Charlie Hawes’s 6♣6♠ which dived cleanly through 2♠4♦7♣4♥2♦.

Attila Bognar, George Psarras and Marc Seymour have also emerged as the latest who have been drawn out by the rip.

Jeison BerdugoWIPEOUT!Attila BognarWIPEOUT!Yann Del ReyWIPEOUT!Sherif DeriasWIPEOUT!George PsarrasWIPEOUT!Marc SeymourWIPEOUT!

Jeison Berdugo

McCredie sneaks up

Simon Chahine has tripled up as Anya Azimai has been stacked by Aces A♦A♥.

Azimai went all in preflop with 7♥7♠, going to showdown with Luke McCredie who flipped up J♦9♦.

The board played out 5♦6♣2♥4♥J♠ to give McCredie the winning main pot, and triple up Chahine, still hanging on by a thread.

Joe Kim, Michelle Psarras have also joined the rail.

Simon Chahine24,000Amya AzimaiWIPEOUT!Joe KimWIPEOUT!Michelle PsarrasWIPEOUT!

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Dumped on the next wave

Play has now resumed in the money, and we have just seen the successive eliminations of Kenny Wang, Ricky Kroesen and Daniel Hachem, and Steven Hoek.

Hoek was riding ahead all in preflop with 4♣4♠, against Steven Burgess floating behind with Q♠9♠.

Hoek quickly lost his grip as the flop showed up 2♥Q♦7♥, and wiped out as the A♥ turn and 9♥ river sealed two pair for Burgess.

Steven Burgess412,000Steven HoekWIPEOUT!Daniel HachemWIPEOUT!Ricky KroesenWIPEOUT!Kenny WangWIPEOUT!

Steven Hoek

Bubble bursts

Players over 8 tables have been hovering hand-for-hand on the bubble which has now burst on table 21.

Alan Wilson went all in on the flop 8♣10♠J♠ with A♣A♠, snapped up by Steven Burgess who had already flopped two pair with J♣8♦.

Wilson couldn’t get any extra current to move on the 3♥ turn and 6♦ river, dumping out on the wave.

Burgess then peeled the sticker off his surfboard bounty token, revealing:

BOUNTY: $1,200!

Steven Burgess405,000Alan WilsonWIPEOUT!

What the sea wants, the sea will have

A quick series of eliminations early in this level has brought us to the bubble. Brendon Rubie’s 7♣7♦ was pulled under by Daniel Orecchio’s 8♥8♠ and couldn’t ride through the barrel as the dealer spread 3♥6♠5♦9♣Q♣.

Orecchio claimed his wipeout bounty, getting down to the Tiki hut to peel a surfboard token.

BOUNTY: $400!

Liam Jehu’s suited Q♠9♠ couldn’t get ahead of Yu Chen’s A♥4♣ as the board lifted him up for the ride on 4♥J♣8♦A♣J♠ for the two pair, dumping Jehu out. Chen the peeled a surfboard token, revealing his bounty.

BOUNTY: $700!

Ben Turner and Emad Moeref were also seen joining the rail, and we are now hand for hand on the bubble!

Brendon RubieWIPEOUT!Liam JehuWIPEOUT!

Hoek paddles up

It didn’t take long for our first elimination of the day, as an “ALL IN AND CALL” cry went up on Table 17.

Steven Hoek, the returning champion of the WPT Prime Mystery Bounty, turned over Q♥J♥ against Omer Silajdzija hoping to ride another wave with 8♥8♠.

The board had other plans however, as Hoek surfed through K♥10♥6♣A♥9♥ for a royal flush!!

Hoek then plucked out a wipeout bounty from the Tiki Hut, peeling back the sticker on the surfboard token.

BOUNTY: $400!

Steven Hoek266,000Omer SilajdzijaWIPEOUT!

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now back in the air for Day 2 of the Mystery Bounty!

The clock has been wound back to Level 17 and we’ll be playing down until we have a trophy winner tonight.

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Surf’s up!

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, good morning and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia for our continued Live Reporting coverage of the WPT Prime Gold Coast series!

Today, we pick up the action from the start of Day 2 of the $1,350 buy-in Mystery Bounty, which garnered a combined 596 total entries to generate a total prize pool of $476,000. Of the 91 players dropping back in today, the top 75 will earn themselves a minimum of $1,190, while tonight’s winner will take home $89,962.

Of course, our players all have their sights set on collecting as many Mystery Bounties as possible, with a Grand Bounty of $62,500 up for grabs – and although things are pumping right now, it’s gonna get choppy out there real quick, so stay tuned from 11:30am AEST as PMA drop in and hang ten to bring you all the action!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 11:30am AEST, with recommencing blinds at 4,000/8,000 (8,000). Please ensure you have your Star Club Card and photo ID for verification purposes, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please see staff at Star Poker Gold Coast upon arrival. Best of luck, everyone!

To assist our Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 14

PMA IDSeatNameChips14011Jeison Berdugo154,00014022Fletcher Smith361,00014033Kenny Wang81,00014044Paul Murray145,00014055Luke McCredie142,00014066Andrew McLaren403,00014077Thomas Karadimos152,00014088Brendon Rubie71,00014099Jason Gilbert30,500

Table 15

PMA IDSeatNameChips15011Win Meng Tan157,00015022Tino Lechich622,00015033Tola Keo57,00015044Fan Zhang108,00015055Richard Holmes144,00015066Liem Trang340,00015077George Psarras535,00015088Naoto Takeya442,00015099J.P. Rounce957,000

Table 16

PMA IDSeatNameChips16011Luke Martinelli409,00016022Anthony Xu554,00016033Yita Choong208,00016044Justin Moat166,00016055Jessy Song557,00016066Meerwais Hussaini451,00016077Cam Lopez181,00016088Mason Trevanion173,00016099Dwan Setton94,000

Table 17

PMA IDSeatNameChips17011Jian Long177,00017022Steven Hoek205,00017033Omer Silajdzija90,00017044Gavin Best437,00017055Daniel Hachem104,00017066Anya Azimai207,00017077Hamish Crawshaw132,00017088Michel Bouskila287,0009

Table 21

PMA IDSeatNameChips21011Amin Chehade369,00021022Bert Perry111,00021033Robert Damelian107,00021044Alan Wilson138,00021055Michelle Psarras108,000621077Kristof Segers269,00021088Ben Turner154,00021099Steven Burgess433,000

Table 22

PMA IDSeatNameChips22011Michael Egan295,00022022C.C. Piccione189,00022033Motoki Nakai43,00022044Kevin Lee581,00022055Ricky Kroesen179,00022066Benedikt Eberle189,00022077Patrick Murphy72,000822099Yang Lei84,000

Table 23

PMA IDSeatNameChips23011Marc Seymour216,00023022Colin Denby377,000323044Kenneth Marcum165,00023055Paul Lombardi425,00023066Daniel Orecchio322,00023077Conrad Wolfgramm154,00023088Simon Thwaites235,00023099Ron Bean500,000

Table 24

PMA IDSeatNameChips24011Andrew Menzies82,00024022Chi Chu545,00024033Les Whiteside110,00024044Dylan Wayne233,00024055Paul Whiteman276,00024066Qi Xu330,000724088Reagan Samoa555,00024099Sherif Derias119,000

Table 25

PMA IDSeatNameChips25011Yu Chen106,00025022Trent Paul319,00025033Emad Moaref171,00025044Charles Tsai70,00025055Robert Spano89,00025066Geoffrey Mooney262,000725088Liam Jehu110,00025099Simon Chahine122,000

Table 28

PMA IDSeatNameChips28011Robyn Bognar360,00028022Lucho Vargas166,00028033Jason Sampson600,00028044Charlie Hawes108,00028055Chao Duan330,00028066Joe Kim231,000728088Joe Sandaev153,00028099Yann Del Rey216,000

Table 29

PMA IDSeatNameChips29011Chris Savelle398,00029022Attila Bognar130,00029033Craig Trevenna417,00029044Sheng Ye511,00029055Cam Adams150,000629077Jarrod Thatcher248,00029088Ali Ghezelbash634,00029099Mark Montague423,000

Author: Adam Rodriguez